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Virtual Drum Lessons to Unleash Your Child’s Potential

There’s no better time to learn to play music than during childhood, and learning to play the drums can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your child. Not only can taking drum lessons create a lifelong passion for playing music, but it is also a way for your child to develop discipline, confidence, resilience, and other skills to set them up for success throughout life.

Drum Nation TV was created to assist young students with learning the drums and developing a passion for music. Led by teacher Francisco Nanne, Drum Nation TV provides a unique program broken into five main sections, and the dedicated instruction and support material required to set your child on the path to improving their musical skills.

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Online Drum Lessons Information:

  • Available in 30, 45, and 60 minutes sessions
    • 30 minute lessons: $35 for one lesson, $130 for four lessons
    • 45 minute lessons: $45 for one lesson, $170 for four lessons
    • 60 minute lessons: $60 for one lesson, $230 for four lessons
  • Lessons are provided virtually through Zoom
  • Lessons available in English, Spanish, and French
  • Tailored primarily for students ages 6-14
  • The only requirement is a pair of drum sticks!

Virtual Drumming Lessons


Dedicated Instruction


Five Subject Drumming Program


Support Material Provided

Drumming is Education for Life

Central to Drum Nation TV is the belief that learning to play music teaches a variety of invaluable life skills that go beyond simply playing the drums. Playing the drums is a fun and rewarding activity that comes very naturally to children, and one that reinforces positive psychological traits at the same time.

Progress is directly related to the level of commitment, in drumming and in life. Your child will learn that what they get out of drumming is directly proportional to the level of effort they put into their progression, providing a natural method of strengthening discipline, confidence, resilience, and so many other valuable skills. And, of course, drum lessons package these learning opportunities in an extremely fun and entertaining format for children!

About the Program

Drum Nation TV provides a unique drumming program tailored to helping your child advance in this wonderful musical skill. The program is divided into five different subjects to teach your child the most important aspects of developing their musical skills — drumming technique, reading music, developing coordination, developing groove, and self-evaluating.

The live virtual lessons are supplemented by support material and daily drumming exercises to ensure your child continues their learning and progression. Drum Nation TV also highly values consistent communication and the involvement of parents in the learning process — after each lesson, it is best to have a conversation with a parent to discuss your child’s progress.

Watch the video to learn a little more about Drum Nation TV’s program!

About the Instructor

A dedicated instructor is crucial to developing a love for music in a young student. It’s important for your child to have access to the right drumming program and support material to teach technique, reading music, and other skills, but it’s also extremely important that they’re able to have fun and remain engaged in the instruction.

Drum Nation TV was created by Francisco Nanne, a former touring drummer who has worked with Grammy award-winning musicians and been a part of many other exciting opportunities in the world of drumming. Francisco created Drum Nation TV and became a full-time instructor in 2017 after realizing his true passion lies in teaching drumming.

Visit this page to learn more about Francisco and the full story behind the creation of Drum Nation TV.

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Learning to play the drums is a wonderful skill for children to develop, and the right instruction can set them on the path to a lifelong passion for playing music. Drum Nation TV is designed to provide the instruction and support required to ensure your child has fun, improves in their drumming ability, and learns about a variety of positive life skills.

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